Air toxics and indoor air quality in Australia

State of knowledge report
Environment Australia, 2001
ISBN 0 6425 4739 4

Appendix D: Australian standards and codes relevant to indoor air

Standards Australia

AS 1668.2-1991 The use of mechanical ventilation and air-conditioning in buildings – Mechanical ventilation for acceptable indoor-air quality

AS 1668.2 Supp 1-1991 The use of mechanical ventilation and air-conditioning in buildings – Mechanical ventilation for acceptable indoor-air quality – Commentary (Supplement to AS 1668.2-1991)

AS/NZS-1859.1 (1997) Reconstituted wood-based panels – Particleboard

AS/NZS-1859.1-1997/Amdt 1-1998 Reconstituted wood-based panels – Particleboard

AS/NZS-1859.2:1997 Reconstituted wood-based panels – Medium density fibreboard (MDF)

AS/NZS 4013:1999 Domestic solid fuel burning appliances – Method for determination of flue gas emission

AS 4073-1993 Urea-formaldehyde foam thermal insulation – In situ set foam

AS 4075-1993 Urea-formaldehyde foam thermal insulation – Installation requirements for in-situ set foam

AS 3660-1993 Protection of buildings from subterranean termites – Prevention, detection and treatment of infestation

AS/NZS 3666.3:2000 Air-handling and water systems of buildings – Microbial control – Performance-based maintenance of cooling water systems

AS 2985-1987 Workplace atmospheres – method for sampling and gravimetric determination of respirable dust

AS 3580 Series methods for sampling and analysis of ambient air

AS 2986-1987 Working atmospheres – Organic vapors – Sampling of solid adsorption techniques

AS 5601/AG 601 (2000) Gas installation Standard


1982 Urea-formaldehyde foam insulation. Report of 93rd Session, June

1988 Australian guidelines for the control of legionella and legionnaires disease. AGPS, Canberra

1988 Asthma in Australia – strategies for reducing morbidity and mortality. NHMRC, Canberra

1989 Code of practice for the safe use of termiticides. Approved by 108th Session, November

1989a Indoor-air quality. Report of the 108th Session, November

1990 Radon in houses. Report of the 109th Session, May

1993 Volatile organic compounds in indoor air. Report of 115th Session, June


1988 Guide to the control of asbestos hazards in buildings in buildings and structures

1988 Code of practice for the safe removal of asbestos

1988 Guidance note on the membrane filter method for estimating airborne asbestos dust

1989 Legionnaires' disease and related illnesses. AGPS, Canberra

1991 Exposure standards for atmospheric contaminants in the occupational environment. AGPS, Canberra

1994 Guidance note on passive smoking in the workplace [NOHSC:3019]. AGPS, Canberra Australian Gas Association

AS 4551/AG 101 Domestic Gas Cooking Appliances

AS 4552/AG 102 Gas Water Heaters

AS 4553/AG 103 Gas Space Heating Appliances

AS 5601/AG 601 (2000) Gas installation Standard

AG 750 Environmental Code of Practice


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