Nitrogen oxides emissions standards for domestic gas appliances

Background study
Mr Bob Joynt, Environmental Consultant and Mr Stephen Wu, Combustion Engineering Consultant
Environment Australia, February 2000

Objectives and scope of work

2.1 Objectives

In this study, the following actions were undertaken, concentrating on Australia, Europe, North America and Japan/Asia:

2.2 Scope of Work

The scope of work performed was as follows:

2.3 Methodology

Library and Internet resources to identify sources of information, especially overseas, were extensively used.

Gas industry associations, environmental regulatory authorities and gas appliances manufacturers in Melbourne were visited and invited to provide input to the subject matter for the five objectives. Interstate and overseas counterparts were approached by e-mail, telephone, facsimile and other appropriate means. A list of people who have provided useful information for this study is given in the Acknowledgements.

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