Review of literature on residential firewood use, wood-smoke and air toxics

Technical Report No. 4
Environment Australia, June 2002
ISBN 0 6425 4868 4


The research reported in this document was commissioned by Air Toxics Section, Environment Australia under the Living Cities Program. It has been prepared by the Dr J.J. Todd of the Centre for Environmental Studies, University of Tasmania, as part of the commissioned study 'Characterisation of Emission from Domestic Solid Fuel Burning Appliances (Wood-heaters, Open Fireplaces).

The report carries no formal endorsement by Environment Australia or the Australian Government nor should any be implied.

All care has been taken in collating and presenting the information contained; however, it is the user's responsibility to check the validity of any external references contained within this report.

Information contained in this publication may be copied or reproduced for study, research, information or educational purposes, subject to the inclusion of an acknowledgment of the source.

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Project Team

J. Gras, M. Meyer, I. Weeks, R. Gillett and I. Galbally, CSIRO Atmospheric Research
J. Todd, University of Tasmania
F. Carnovale, Department of Primary Industries Water and Environment, Tasmania
R. Joynt, Environment Protection Authority, Victoria
A. Hinwood and H. Berko, Department of Environmental Protection, Western Australia
S. Brown, CSIRO Building Construction and Engineering

The review was commissioned by Environment Australia as part of a larger study conducted by CSIRO Atmospheric Research.

Michael Groth provided assistance in reviewing literature for wood combustion and woodheater design. Andrew MacIntosh provided assistance in reviewing literature for the section on epidemiology. Heather Deese assisted with the review of Australian state and federal policy.

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