Environmental performance reporting

Sustainability Report 2005-2006

Department of the Environment and Water Resources, 2007



Welcome to our third sustainability report. It covers the environmental, social and economic performance of the department in 2005-06, including against our goals for performance improvement.

We produce a sustainability report for three main reasons. First, it helps us know our own business, including our key risks and opportunities. Secondly, it helps us improve our performance and reduce our environmental footprint. Thirdly, reporting shows our commitment to practical sustainability; demonstrating this to our employees, to business, government and the community.

The report is available in summary form (as a pdf or in hardcopy), and is supported by this website, which contains more detailed performance data. You can navigate the website by Global Reporting Initiative indicator, by theme or by the part of the department you are interested in (such as our Antarctic operations).

This year, we changed the name of the report to a sustainability report, rather than a triple bottom line report. This change reflects the trend among many other reporters in Australia and overseas.

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