Environmental performance reporting

Sustainability Report 2005-2006

Department of the Environment and Water Resources, 2007

Supervising Scientist Division environmental performance


During 2005-06 the Supervising Scientist Division (SSD) has continued to conduct business from two premises: DEH Darwin and the Jabiru Field Station. The DEH Darwin facility is shared by both SSD and Parks Australia North (PAN).

Out of 18 environmental performance goals set by SSD for 2005-06, 11 (61%) were met. See SSD’s performance at a glance.

Key aspects of performance in 2005-06 include:

SSD environmental performance improvement goals for 2006-07 include:

Case study: consultation with the Aboriginal community in the Alligator Rivers Region

Traditional Aboriginal Owners and local Aboriginal people have been actively involved in the SSD’s research and monitoring programme during the year by supporting field activities such as creekside monitoring, water quality monitoring associated with Ranger mine, collection of mussels and fish for laboratory analysis, sampling of macroinvertebrates, and general field station activities. Indigenous employment has provided the opportunity for SSD staff to work alongside landowners on their country, sharing knowledge and gaining greater insight into traditional cultural values. It also gave Indigenous people opportunities to gain first hand knowledge, valuable technical skills and understanding of the research and monitoring programme.

Note: the table and chart below describe the size of the SSD workforce in both 2005-06 and 2004-05.

Table 1: Occupancy and area of building, 2005-06
Darwin Jabiru Total
SSD staff 43.50 7 50.50
PAN Staff 8.25 8.25
TOTAL staff 51.75 7 58.75
Office area m2 1050m2 1207m2 2257m2
Laboratory area m2 2450m2 1860m2 4310m2
TOTAL 3500m2 3067m2 6567m2

Figure 1: Staff at SSD sites

Figure 1: Staff at SSD sites

Figures reported for waste, electricity, water usage and greenhouse gas emissions (excluding vehicle usage) cover both Supervising Scientist Division and Parks Australia North operations.