Environmental performance reporting

Sustainability Report 2005-2006

Department of the Environment and Water Resources, 2007

Social Performance at a glance

Social Performance at a glance
Social sustainability aspect Issue GRI Goals met? 2005-06 Goals 2006-07


Breakdown of workforce LA1
Employment creation and turnover LA2
  • Tick Propose suitable strategies regarding exit survey outcomes with alignment to the 2004 staff survey through DEH’s Workforce Management Committee by end 2005

Develop initial Workforce Plan by December 2006

Develop range of retention strategies targeted at different segments of our workforce which have higher than average turnover rates, by 31 December 2007

Increase graduate intake for 2007 up to a total of 30 people

Employee benefits LA12
  • Tick Complete analysis of childcare feasibility study by June 2006
Implement undertakings in the 2006-09 Collective Agreement regarding benefits for employees

Labour/Management Relations

Collective bargaining LA3
Staff consultation and representation LA4 LA13 HR5
  • Tick Complete projects relating to 2004 staff survey by early 2006
Conduct 2006 staff survey with results available by February 2007

Health and Safety

OH&S systems and practices LA5 LA14 LA6 LA15
  • Cross Fully implement reporting system for OH&S by early-to mid-2006
Review all DEH OH&S policies and procedures by July 2007
Injuries and absenteeism LA7 Analyse and develop policies in relation to unscheduled absences by 30 June 2007
Training and Education Employee education, training and development LA9 LA16 LA17
  • Tick Continue to meet the international standard for Investors in People (IiP) accreditation in 2005-06
  • Cross Complete the identification of critical competencies and roles by mid-2006, with regular updates to occur
  • Tick Complete implementation of the revised documentation for the performance and development scheme by January 2006
  • Tick Commence the Management Supervisory and Leadership training programme by early 2006
  • Cross Implement the Online Orientation Programme by Dec 2005

Maintain IiP accreditation at each assessment

Conduct leadership programme, and project management learning and & development activities by 30 June 2007

Implement the online orientation programme by December 2006

Opportunity and Diversity Equal opportunity and diversity LA10 LA11 HR4
  • Tick Complete implementation of the Disability Action Plan will occur during 2005-06
  • Cross An effective methodology to collect statistics on employee diversity will be established by end of 2005

Provide the opportunity for all staff to attend diversity awareness programmes during 2006-07

Work towards the implementation of the Framework for Employment of People with a Disability in the Australian Public Service (APS)

People Strategy and Management Human rights HR1 HR2 HR3 HR8 HR6 Conduct a check of uniform procurements to ensure appropriate human rights performance by suppliers, by end June 2007
Disciplinary Practices Appeals and grievances HR9 HR10
Indigenous Rights Indigenous people HR12 HR13 HR14
  • Cross Implementation of the Indigenous Career Development and Recruitment Strategy will occur by June 2006
Revise Indigenous Career Development and Recruitment Strategy and implement by end calendar 2007
Community Community impacts SO1 SO4
  • Tick During 2005-06 promote the use of appropriate leave for volunteer work
Continue to provide staff with access to leave to undertake volunteer work
Bribery and Corruption Bribery and corruption policies SO2
Privacy Privacy systems and complaints PR3 PR11
Administrative Efficiency and Quality Administrative efficiency and quality AE1 PR8 Develop a strategy for stakeholder engagement by June 2007