Environmental performance reporting

Sustainability Report 2005-2006

Department of the Environment and Water Resources, 2007

Supervising Scientist Division environmental performance at a glance

Supervising Scientist Division environmental performance at a glance
SSD template type Summary title GRI Goals Met? 2005-06 Goals 2006-07

Environmental Management

Environmental management system (EMS) conformance EM1
  • Cross Establish a certified EMS to cover all business activities by December 2006
Develop a certified EMS to cover all business activities by June 2007
Environmental performance improvement process EM2
  • Cross Undertake an environmental aspects assessment
Update the compliance register and environmental aspects review by March 2007
Integration of environment with other business systems EM3
  • None set
Commence use of Intellex database to assist in further development of the EMS for SSD
Due diligence EM4
  • None set
None set
Environmental liabilities EM5
  • Cross During 2005-06 a review will be undertaken to assess the usage requirements for all existing buildings at the Jabiru site, and a plan established to remove excess buildings and rehabilitate the site with native vegetation
Conduct a more comprehensive review of the usage requirements of buildings at the Jabiru site during 2006-07
Compliance Environmental compliance incidents and fines EN16
  • None set
None set
Environmental Management Expenditure Total environmental expenditures by type EN35
  • None set
None set


Location of land owned, leased or managed in biodiversity-rich habitats EN6
  • None set
None set
Impacts on biodiversity EN7 EN25 EN28
  • Cross Formally assess the environmental impact of fieldwork in the Alligator Rivers Region
  • Tick During 2005-06, the Supervising Scientist Division (SSD) will assess the impact on the environment from using 4WDs, boats and quads in off-road areas
None set
Habitat change and restoration EN26 EN27
  • Cross SSD will develop a strategy to minimise our transport-related impact on the environment
Establish a plan to remove excess buildings at Jabiru and rehabilitate the site with native vegetation


Direct energy use segmented by primary source- building energy use EN3
  • Cross Reduce electricity consumption by 2% in 2005-06
Continue to raise awareness on energy saving initiatives
Direct energy use segmented by primary source- gas use EN3
  • None set
None set
Direct energy use segmented by primary source- transport energy use EN3
  • Tick During 2005-06, SSD will assess its current trends in vehicle usage and fuel consumption and look at strategies to further reduce usage and consumption

Current trends of vehicle usage and fuel consumption to be assessed

Determine strategies to further reduce usage, consumption and transport-related impacts on the environment

Initiatives to use renewable energy sources and to increase energy efficiency EN17
  • Tick Promote power conservation to reduce energy consumption
Monitor access and use of the DEH Darwin building during the weekend to ascertain if there is a link between increased electricity consumption and use of the building outside of normal business hours
Indirect energy use EN4
  • None set
None set
Other indirect energy use EN19
  • None set
Continue to collect fuel use data from charter aircraft providers
Waste Total amount of waste by type and destination EN11
  • None set
Reduce the percentage of total waste going to landfill by 10%, through increasing the percentage of recycled products being sorted and sent for recycling
Hazardous Waste Hazardous waste production and transport EN31
  • Tick During 2005-06, SSD will start using the Chemwatch database to monitor the use and disposal of chemicals as part of its business operations.
  • Tick During 2005-06 a review of all SSD houses will be completed and appropriate asbestos management plans will be in place
Use Chemwatch more actively to track acquisition and disposal of chemicals
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Greenhouse gas emissions EN8
  • Tick SSD aims to show a reduction in greenhouse emissions in 2005-06 through achievement of goals set for reduction of energy use and waste produced
Reduce greenhouse emissions by 5% through further reductions in fuel usage, distance travelled and waste produced in 2006-07


Total water use EN5
  • Tick Monitor consumption in Darwin over 2005-06
  • Cross Establish a strategy to reduce water use in Darwin
  • Tick Establish a system to ensure that the Jabiru Field Station (JFS) usage figures can be reported for 2005-06

Monitor water usage trends for 2006-07 to determine the cause of the increase in water consumption in 2005-06

Develop a strategy for reducing water use at the DEH Darwin building

Water sources affected by use EN17
  • None set
None set
Annual withdrawal as % of sources EN21
  • None set
None set
Total recycling and reuse of water EN22
  • None set
Assess opportunities to reuse aquaculture water on gardens at the DEH Darwin building
Emissions to Air, Land and Water Emissions to air, land and water EN10 EN13 EN12 EN32
  • None set
None set
Ozone-depleting Substances Use and emissions of ozone-depleting substances EN9
  • None set
None set
Materials: Paper Materials used: paper EN1
  • Tick Reduce total paper usage by 10% in 2005-06
  • Tick Decrease the amount of virgin paper purchased by 30% for 2005-06
  • Tick Provide statistics on paper usage for publications printed externally in 2005-06

Reduce all paper usage by a further 10% for the period 2006-07

Reduce consumption of virgin paper by replacing it with recycled paper

Materials: Recycled Materials used: recycled EN2
  • None set
Increase the use of recycled paper consumed in lieu of virgin paper by 10% for 2006-07
Suppliers Environmental performance of suppliers EN33
  • None set
Evaluate available environmental data on prospective suppliers of goods or services as part of procurements