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Key departmental publications, e.g. annual reports, budget papers and program guidelines are available in our online archive.

Much of the material listed on these archived web pages has been superseded, or served a particular purpose at a particular time. It may contain references to activities or policies that have no current application. Many archived documents may link to web pages that have moved or no longer exist, or may refer to other documents that are no longer available.

More with Less - Initiatives to promote sustainable consumption

Environmental Economics Research Paper No.3
Prepared by Deni Greene Consulting Services,
Australian Consumers Association and National Key Centre for Design, RMIT for the
Department of the Environment, Sport and Territories

Commonwealth of Australia, 1996
ISBN 0 642 24869 9

Appendix 1 Survey of Initiatives to Change Consumption Patterns - Continued

Product and material purchase, use, disposal, recycling

reg ANZECC Revised Strategy for Ozone Protection in Australia, 1994 (3) 
infra LG South Melbourne Council. Collecting plastic plant pots for recycling (3)
infra LG Balnarring township collecting green waste and mulching (3)
info State 1992 WA Health Department has produced a guide to safe composting (3)
info NGO 1993 Coffs Harbour Chemical Campaign education campaign about environmental effects of hazardous chemicals and safe disposal of hazardous chemicals (3)
info State 1994 NSW EPA 'Solutions to Pollution' waste reduction and stormwater pollution information kit (3)
info stat auth 1993 'Backyard to Bay - Catchment Impacts. The Urban Waterway Challenge. Information about impacts of disposing of household hazardous wastes in stormwater system (74) 
infra stat auth 1989 on Sydney Water conducts Household Chemical Collection Campaign (3)
infra stat auth Melbourne Water conducts a Metropolitan Chemicals Collection Program
info State EPA of WA published 'The Ozone Layer and What You Can Do to Help Protect It' (3)
info, prod pvt sec 1993 Plastics Recycling Register, produced by PACIA lists suppliers of recycled plastic products (7)
reg State 1991 Victorian Resource Recovery legislation
info NGO annual Clean Up Australia Day - anti litter event
recog LG annual Environmental Improvement Award as part of National Awards for Innovation in Local Government
info pvt sec 1992 Plastics industry National Recycling Plan, voluntary targets
prod, info, pvt sec on-going Toner Express recycles cartridges from laser printers and copiers and sells at lower cost than new cartridges (14)
prod stat auth, pvt sec annual Telecom's Book Muncher program collects and recycles old phone directories into product like cat litter. BP provides collection points for program. (21)
eco inst State 1994 EPA levies fees on waste going to landfill of $2 per tonne for municipal waste and $3 per tonne for other waste (25)
infra LG, pvt sec 1994 Local Authority Waste Management Committee, made up of 34 north Queensland councils has assisted in establishing a tyre recycling plant in Townsville.
reg Comm 1994 The Trade Practices Commission has taken action against nine major companies for misleading labels claiming recycling. The companies have now given court-enforceable undertakings to carry out a number of recycling activities (33)
info pvt sec 1995 Television advertising campaign lets Sydney residents know that recycling is working through their efforts (35)
eco inst State Drop It and You'll Cop It, brochure listing fines for littering (39)
info State 1994 EPA (NSW) Recycling Directory (59)
reg State, pvt sec, LG 1995 The steel cans industry has committed itself to a 30% reduction in the amount of steel cans, by weight, entering Victorian landfills by the end of 1996 (a recycling rate of 27%). BHP has guaranteed a minimum buyback price of $40 a tonne. The agreement is the sixth signed under the Victorian Resource Recovery Act. (71)
reg State, pvt sec, LG 1995 Agreements with industry signed under the Victorian Resource Recovery Act cover newsprint, aluminium cans, glass packaging, paper packaging, and HDPE packaging (71)
reg State, pvt sec 1995 Kemcor has set a target for collection and recycling of HDPE milk bottles above 50%. Last year the recycling rate for HDPE bottles was 47.3% in Victoria (99)
prod pvt sec 1995 River House, a listed Australian company is planning to make paper from straw, using a technology licensed from a Spanish company (72)
eco inst LG 1994 Recycle Maroochy. Homeowners receive rebates based on number of times they recycle (fortnightly collection), with a minimum of 10 times to qualify, up to a maximum of 20 times. Transponders on recycling bins record number of times lifted (76)
eco inst LG 1991-94 Pay by weight trial by Melbourne City Council. Transponders fitted to bin recorded weight of rubbish (76)
eco inst LG 1995 Northcote Council charging differential annual fee for rubbish collection, varying with size of bin used (76)
reg LG 1994 Wangaratta-Milawa banned recyclable materials from rubbish. The penalty for non-compliance is $400. (76)
educ LG 1994 Geelong has employed a full-time waste minimisation officer whose main job is public education (76)
reg LG vary Backyard incinerators banned in many localities (76)
eco inst LG 1994 Pine Rivers Council has a paper and cardboard recycling scheme with drop stops around the shire; community groups monitor the fill rates and get a share of revenue raised from sale of collected paper products (24)
prod pvt sec on-going McDonald's replaced foam packaging with paper, reduced the amount of packaging, and moved to use of recycled paper in outer cartons and serviettes, and to use of recycled plastic in trays (109)
prod NGO on-going Distribution of 'No Junk Mail' stickers for mailboxes (110)
info Comm 1994 CEPA pamphlet on Composting (65)
info State 1992 'Smoke is No Joke - Stop Smoking Your Neighbours Out,' information on household burning of waste, leaves
info State 1994 Environment Matters: Solid Waste, information from NSW EPA (140)
info State 1992 Home Composting, information from NSW EPA (141)
info State no date Home Composting … It's Important, information from NSW EPA (142)
info State on-going Kerbside Quarterly (newsletter from NSW EPA) (143)
info State 1994 Reducing Waste in NSW, information from NSW EPA (144)
info State no date Waste Wise a Quest (video+book from NSW EPA (145)
info NGO 1993 Clean Up the World: how to do it. A guide to organising community clean ups (146)
info pvt sec 1990 Collecting household batteries; information (147)
info State 1992 Surf, Skate, Rap & Recycle (poster from NSW EPA) (148)


Water Use/Disposal

info, label stat auth; pvt sec, Stds Aust 1995 Water Conservation Labelling for tapware, toilets, dishwashers, clothes wasters (3)
info stat auth; pvt sec 1995 Every Drop Counts, booklet on National Water Conservation Labelling Scheme (125)
info Comm 1993 'Designing Subdivisions to Save and Manage Water,' Occasional Paper, Paper 3 of Better Cities Program (3)
info State EPA and Water Authority of WA leaflet on water conservation (3)
info LG 1992 Frankston, Vic., leaflet on conserving water (and energy) (3)
info, educ stat auth; LG Hawkesbury City and Sydney Water Board water conservation campaign: displays, brochures, educ materials, competitions (3)
info, prod, eco inst LG 1993 Hornsby Council providing list of preferred manufacturers and suppliers of domestic water tanks to local residents. User pays pricing system (3)
eco inst LG 1993 Lismore Council providing 50% rebates on water efficient toilets and showerheads (3)
info State NSW Public Works Department released guidelines for reuse of treated effluent for garden watering, car washing, toilet flushing, etc. (3)
info stat auth 1990 WA Water Authority of published 'Turf Management in Perth: A Review of Species, Maintenance Requirements and Opportunities for Water Conservation, an 89-page report (3)
info stat auth, State, pvt sec WA Water Authority, Dept of Agriculture, and local growers produced a booklet 'Our water - It's Too Good to Waste,' sharing water saving methods used in horticulture with homeowners (3)
eco inst, info stat auth 1995 WA Water Authority conducting water efficiency program in Kalgoorlie-Boulder to reduce consumption by 10%. Involves a study, incentives to residents to purchase water conserving devices(tap restrictors, shower heads, dual flush toilets), advice, etc (3, 38)
info LG 1995 Pine Rivers Shire Council is distributing 15,000 free trees throughout the Shire. Advice on tree selection, planting, and care (24)
misc stat auth 1994 Sydney Water Board undertakes demand management initiatives to reduce per capita consumption in Sydney, Illawara and Blue Mountains by 20% by 2000. (28)
info Comm 1994 Commonwealth, states launch National Water Week to promote increased awareness of water efficiency and water quality (30)
infra State, pvt sec 1995 Rouse Hill development in Sydney's west features integrated water management with dual supply and inclusion of wetlands to reduce discharge of nutrients (34)
prod pvt sec 1995 Aquamister, manufactured by Irritech in Adelaide, is a garden weather sensor that can be used with automatic watering systems (42)
info stat auth 1995 Yarra Valley Water brochure on 20 ways to save water (66)
demo stat auth 1995 ACT Electricity and Water undertaking largest scale trial in Australia on-site domestic sewage and re-use (97)
educ State 1995 SA is introducing a Water Curriculum for all Year 10 students (99)
eco inst stat auth 1982 Hunter Water Board user pays pricing for water (113)
eco inst stat auth 1992 User pays pricing for water by Melbourne Water
info stat auth 1994 Fresh Water, video by Sydney Water Board (149)
info State no date Cooks River Activity Booklet (years 4-6), from NSW EPA (150)
info stat auth ACT water - where does it come from (poster) (151)
info indiv 1994 Beautiful gardens with less water, book by John Patrick (152)
info State 1991 Catchment care education kit from Queensland Department of Primary Industry (153)
info State 1994 Environment Matters: Washing the Car, information from NSW EPA (154)
info State 1993 NSW Guidelines for urban and residential use of reclaimed water (155)
info stat auth no date How to save water and money, everyday; brochure from ACT Electricity & Water (156)
info stat auth no date How to save water, money and the environment brochure from ACT Electricity&Water (157)
info stat auth no date How to use water wisely in your garden, brochure from ACT Electricity & Water (158)
info State 1994 Know where it all goes (poster from NSW EPA (159)
info pvt sec 1995 Life saving water; tips on water saving in Grass Roots magazine (127)
info pvt sec 1995 Old time water saving tricks from Grass Roots magazine (128)
info stat auth 1994 Save water before it costs the earth (brochure from ACT Electricity & Water) (160)
info stat auth 1993 Saving water - how you can help (poster from ACT Electricity & Water) (161)
info pvt sect 1994 Saving water over summer; advice in Soft Technology (129)
info stat auth 1994 The ACT Electricity & Water Guide to rainwater tanks (brochure). Guide to help calculate the right size tank (130)
info stat auth 1994 Water and the urban environment - the sewerage system (video); Sydney Water Board (162)
info stat auth 1994 Water and the urban environment - the urban water cycle (video); Sydney Water Board (163)
info stat auth on-going Water Watch - ACTEW newsletter (164)
infra State, stat auth pvt sect 1994 Stringybark Grove is a group of 10 townhouses in Lane Cove, NSW designed to conserve energy and water (131)
eco inst State 1994 Economic instruments to control pollution in the Hawksbury-Nepean catchment (132)


Gardens, vegetation and pets

info LG 1993 G-1 South Melbourne and St Kilda Councils brochure on indigenous plants for residential gardens (3)
info, reg LG Dog control to control droppings; doggie glove bags and bins at beaches, WA (3)
infra LG, citizens 1993 City of Fremantle assisted local residents in establishing a community permaculture garden (3)
reg. eco inst LG 1993 Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale controls on vegetation clearance for subdivisions; subdivider posts bond of $500 per lot for three years to ensure management of planted areas (3)
info State Department of Conservation and Land Management publishes 'Leaf and Branch - Trees and Tall Shrubs' to provide guidance to use of appropriate species (3)
eco inst, info stat auth 1995 WA Water Authority water efficiency program in Kalgoorlie-Boulder includes financial incentives to reduce lawn size, advice on low maintenance gardens, rebates on timers, reticulation check (3, 38)
info media on-going Promotion of use of less damaging methods of weed control, eg garlic, pyrethrum (105)
prod pvt sec on-going Marketing of timers and sprinkler systems to control garden water use (105)
reg State, LG 1993 Controls on clearing of native vegetation in Victoria
reg State, LG 1983 Controls on clearing of native vegetation in South Australia
reg LG 1990 Controls on clearing of vegetation in Brisbane (112)
info stat auth no date Xeriscape garden; a water efficient demonstration garden sponsored by ACT Government and local businesses (126)
info stat auth no date Water wise gardening, series of 10 brochures from Water Authority of WA (165)



info, reg Comm Stow It Don't Throw It booklet describing rules against discharging garbage from boats produced by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (6)
info, educ Uni 1994 A study used an education program to improve tourists' behaviour toward dolphins at Moreton Island (32)
reg State 1972 Off road use of vehicles prohibited in Victoria by Land Conservation (Motor Vehicles Control) Act (79)
infra State on going Installation of boardwalks, steel mesh, other mechanisms to reduce vegetation damage in National Parks and other sensitive areas, Tas., Vic., NSW, possibly others (79)
infra State on-going Use of track hardening materials to prevent damage to fragile soils: Cradle Mt., Tas., Victorian Alps (79)
reg State on-going Limiting number of people permitted to camp at each campsite: Wilson's Promontory, Vic. (79)
reg State mid-1980s Prohibitions on rock climbing during nesting of Peregrine Falcon, Werribee Gorge, Vic. (79)
reg State on-going Prohibitions on use of certain types of rock climbing equipment which damage rocks (79)
infra State Installation of raised platforms and other works at Uluru to prevent damage to dunes (79)
infra stat auth on-going Installation of berthing platforms and moorings in Whitsundays to prevent damage to coral (79)
reg State 1990s Requirement for on-boat retention of wastes and provision of on-shore disposal facilities (many waterways) (79)
educ State 1980s Tasmanian Minimum Impact Codes to change behaviour of campers and bushwalkers: videos, ranger activities, games, other materials (79)
reg Comm, State Commonwealth whale watching regulations and guidelines to keep people sufficient distance away from whales (79)
reg State on-going Regulations on campers and bushwalkers, eg Victorian rules: camp 20 m away from stream or lake; toilet 100m away; clearance for fire (79)
reg State on-going Ban on open fires in some areas to prevent tree removal/damage and reduce risk of fire (79)
reg State on-going In Tasmania's Western Arthurs number of people who can enter area restricted: first to 900, now 100 (79)
infra State 1980s Facilities at Penguin Parade on Philip Island (Vic) redesigned to separate people from penguins while giving visitors desired recreational experience (79)
infra, educ Comm Barriers, trails, and on-site rangers to prevent damage to Rock Art sites in Kakadu National Park (79)
reg, info State 1993 EPA (NSW) information brochure 'Environment Matters: Rules for Off-Roading' (60)
prod pvt sec on-going Promotion of salt water use in swimming pools to reduce chemical use (105)
eco inst LG on-going Beach parking charges by local councils in New South Wales, eg Warringah, Mosman (114)
eco inst State on-going Entrance fees to national parks based on number of people (114)



infra pvt sec on-going Legal & General Green Superannuation Fund, a wholesale ethical investment fund (44)
infra pvt sec on-going Australian Ethical Investment Trust, an ethical investment product (44)
infra NGO, pvt sec on-going ACF Green Bonds, an ethical investment product of ACF and the Over 50s Friendly Society (44)
infra NGO on-going The YWCA Ethical Investment Trust, an ethical investment product (44)
infra NGO on-going Community Aid Abroad Ethical Investment Trust, an ethical investment product (44)
infra co-op on-going Macaulay Community Local Investment Fund, an ethical investment product (44)
infra pvt sec on-going Personal & Business Financial Planning Pty Ltd., Sydney, advise on ethical investments (43)
infra pvt sec on-going S & B Ethical Investments, Melbourne, advise on ethical investments (44)
infra pvt sec on-going Financial Directions, Wollongong, advise on ethical investments (44)
infra pvt sec on-going Socially Responsible Investment Securities, Sydney, conduct investment research (44)
infra pvt sec on-going Ethinvest, St Ives, NSW, advise on ethical investments (44)
infra pvt sec on-going Ethical Options, Launceston advise on ethical investments (44)
info NGO 1993 Information about green investments, in Habitat (123)

Miscellaneous - Covering Several Issues

info Comm DASETT Education brochure on the greenhouse effect and ozone layer and ways of reducing (12)
info State Victorian Government booklet 'Ten ways you can help keep Victoria clean & green': personal action to improve environment (15)
info State 'A Breath of Air,' Victorian EPA booklet on reducing air pollution: incinerators, cars, fuel substitution in heating and cooking (19)
LCA Uni, pvt sec 1995 The Centre for Design at RMIT is working with manufacturers to reduce environmental impacts of products at all stages of their life cycle, particularly manufacture, use and disposal (36)
educ State on-going The NSW Environment Trusts provides grants up to $30,000 for individual educational project related to widening community understanding of environmental issues (98)
info pvt sec 1993 Green Pages, published by Turni Press lists products and services promoted as environmentally friendly (103)
info NGO 1993 Information programs and publications by Householders Options to Protect the Environment (HOPE), including: Mackenzie, J. (1993) Bicarb and Beyond: Effective and enjoyable action for a sustainable way of life, Household Ecology Audit (106, 107)
info NGO on-going Information programs for households by Worldwide Home Environment Network (WHEN) (108)
info NGO 1992 Green Living ideas on household and work practices to reduce environmental impact (110)
info NGO 1992 Friends of the Earth environmental awareness campaign in the ethnic media (166)
info State no date Do the Right Thing Kit, information for children from NSW EPA (167)
info State 1994 Everyday Things We Can Do To Improve Our Environment, NSW EPA publication (168)
info NGO 1989 1001 hints to help save the planet, Friends of the Earth publication (169)
info NGO 1989 How to buy green (170)
info indiv 1989 It's easy being green, everyday environmental practices for Australian homes (171)
info State 1993 Living Sustainably (poster) from NSW EPA (172)
info indiv 1989 Shop safe: Australia's green consumers guide by Margaret Gore (173)
info State 1994 Solutions to Pollution Video from NSW EPA on doing things to improve the environment (174)
info NGO 1989 The green consumer guide by John Elkington and Australian Consumers Association (175)
info indiv 1989 101 ways to save our environment, book by Frank Ryan (176) 
info indiv 1990 Earth Quest: the family guide to protecting the environment (177) 

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