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Department of the Environment and Heritage annual report 2005–06

Volume two
Department of the Environment and Heritage, 2006
ISSN 1441 9335

About legislation annual reports

Some Acts that the Department of the Environment and Heritage administers require the department or minister to provide annual reports on their operation to the parliament.

This volume of the annual report provides details on the operation of the seven Acts the department administers that do not report separately. The reports in this volume focus on how the statutory requirements of the Acts were met during the reporting year, and how the Acts were administered.

These Acts are:

The department provides separate annual reports to the parliament for the following legislation:

A summary of work related to the seven Acts in this volume, and details of how this work contributed to the outcomes and outputs in the Portfolio Budget Statements 2005–06 and Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements 2005–06 are contained in Volume 1 of this set of annual reports.

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