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Department of the Environment and Heritage Annual Report 2003-04

Department of the Environment and Heritage, 2004
ISSN 1441 9335

Operation of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (continued)

Appendix 3 - Functions and membership of advisory committees under the Act

Threatened Species Scientific Committee

Under section 503 of the Act, the functions of the Threatened Species Scientific Committee are:

Table 12: Membership of the threatened species scientific committee
Name Area of Expertise
Associate Professor Robert Beeton (Chair) Environmental problem solving
Dr Susan Briggs Ecological communities
Mr Guy Fitzhardinge Rural science
Professor Gordon Grigg Fauna
Dr Graham Harris Marine and coastal ecology
Professor Bob Kearney Fisheries and marine science
Dr Libby Mattiske Flora
Dr Pamela Parker Landscape recovery
Dr Rosemary Purdie Flora
Dr John Woinarski Fauna and flora

Five of the members, including the chair, have served on the committee for more than three years and five new members were appointed to the committee in 2003-04.

Biological Diversity Advisory Committee

Under section 505 of the EPBC Act the functions of the Biological Diversity Advisory Committee are:

The terms of reference for the committee are to advise:

Table 13: Membership of the Biological Diversity Advisory Committee
Name Group represented
Professor Hugh Possingham (Chair)
Scientific community
Dr Gerry Cassis  
Dr Patricia Mather
Terrestrial species
Ms Imogen Zethoven Marine species
Dr Steve Morton  
Associate Professor Stephan Schnierer Indigenous peoples
Councillor Jan Star Local government
Mr William Sloane Rural community
Mr Alistair Graham Conservation organisations
Mr Keiran McNamara Natural Resource Management Ministerial Council
Dr Rhondda Dickson Australian Government
Professor Robert Kearney Fishing industry
Mr Tim Dyer Business community
Ms Francine McCarthy Indigenous Advisory Committee
Professor Ralf Buckley Tourism

Indigenous Advisory Committee

Under section 505B of the EPBC Act, the function of the Indigenous Advisory Committee is to advise the Minister on the operation of the Act, taking into account the significance of Indigenous people's knowledge of the management of land and the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.

Table 14: Membership of the Indigenous Advisory Committee
Name State or territory
Mr Rocky Sainty (Chair) Tasmania
Mr Glen Kelly (Deputy Chair) Western Australia
Mr Joe Morrison Northern Territory
Mr John Chester South Australia
Mr Kevin Walley Western Australia
Mr Leon Atkinson Victoria
Mr Robert Carroll New South Wales
Mr Vic McGrath Torres Strait
Ms Darcel Moyle Victoria/Queensland
Ms Francine McCarthy Northern Territory
Ms Melissa George Queensland

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