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Key departmental publications, e.g. annual reports, budget papers and program guidelines are available in our online archive.

Much of the material listed on these archived web pages has been superseded, or served a particular purpose at a particular time. It may contain references to activities or policies that have no current application. Many archived documents may link to web pages that have moved or no longer exist, or may refer to other documents that are no longer available.

Department of the Environment and Heritage Annual Report 2002-03

Department of the Environment and Heritage, 2003
ISSN 1441 9335

Management and accountability (continued)

Consultants, competitive tendering and contracting (continued)

Consultancy services

Department of the Environment and Heritage

Molino Stewart Pty Ltd 10,000.00 Rural Stakeholders Info Pack
Curriculum Corporation 10,214.00 Curriculum Mapping - Formal Schooling
Australian Security Intelligence 10,972.50 Protective security risk review
Professor Ian Rae 11,000.00 PSO EOI 2 Academic Assessor
Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources 11,000.00 Subscription to Austn Transport Facts
Eclipse Systems Pty Ltd 11,000.00 Flatworm CD Part 4 Enhancements
Australian Museum 11,000.00 ZooCat Pisces 35.2 Editing
SRA Information Technology 11,000.00 Portal Collaborative Intranet Site
CSIRO Corporate Finance 11,000.00 Reintroducing fungi
Department of Health and Aged Care 11,000.00 Human Health Risk - scoping study
Melbourne University Private 11,550.00 Exemptions PSO report
Elizabeth Hutchings Editing 11,640.00 Substantive Editing - Annual Report
Les Deutsch Architects 11,929.50 Refurb. Exec Room
Southern Cross University 12,100.00 CDROM Fabulous Flatworms
Visibility Information Systems 12,516.00 Taxonomic editing
Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney 13,200.00 Stipeae for Flora of Aust
David A. Meagher 14,000.00 ABRS0203-Mosses-Publication
Acumen Alliance 14,107.50 Database - Test management services
Museum Victoria 14,300.00 Museum Vict: Decapoda Crust
Travel Search (AUST) Pty Ltd 14,576.17 Travel Mgt Process and Costing Review
The Empower Group 14,850.00 Recruitment services for 2003 Graduates
Nolan - ITU 15,180.00 Plastic Bags impacts study options
Melbourne University Private 15,813.00 EOI 3 - independent assessor
Australian Government Analytical 15,932.40 Chemicals analysis
Gutteridge Haskins & Davey Pty Ltd 16,291.05 Report - Biofuels VA
Carroll Communications 16,445.00 Communication Strategy Report
BIJOU Consulting 16,500.00 Priority Marine & Coastal Issues
University of Adelaide 16,536.00 Grasslands Remote Sensing
John Thorp Australia 16,940.00 National Weeds Strategy Manager
Allen Consulting Group 17,147.87 Review of key issues in Public Affairs
Walter & Turnbull 17,580.20 Review and Development of MCE Program
Exergy Group Pty Ltd 19,537.04 Technical Development
Deni Greene Consulting Services 19,900.00 Env impact of biofuels
Mr George M Irving 19,998.00 Section 10 report - Swan River at Bicton
Neological Consulting 20,000.00 Cyanide booklet & case studies
CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research 20,020.00 Dioxins in ambient air in SA
Orbital Engine Company Australia 20,350.00 Small engine consultancy
SRA Information Technology 20,768.00 Graduate Form & Assessment
Occupational Services 21,710.37 Indigenous issues - Kakadu
ENPROC Pty Ltd 21,995.00 EECP case studies review
Australian Museum 22,000.00 Aust. Mysidacea:Mysinae. Key & Monograph
Eclipse Systems Pty Ltd 22,000.00 Flatworm CD development
CSIRO Division of Entomology 22,000.00 Dorylaimida Nematode Project
NSW National Parks and Wildlife 23,650.00 National count Grey-Headed flying-foxes
Pacific Air & Environment Pty Ltd 23,715.54 Report(2) - Biodiesel
University of Ballarat 23,730.00 Alpine Woodlands
Robert Barnett & Associates 24,000.00 SWI Procedures Manual
Millward Brown Australia 24,587.40 Communication strategy for waste oil
CSIRO Corporate Finance 24,810.50 Production of BDAC workshop report
Offor Sharp and Associates 24,970.00 TSN Review
Peter Marks LL.B. 26,152.50 Section 10 report bushmead rifle range
Landscape Assessment and Management 26,730.00 Bluegrass Monitoring Project
University Of Queensland 27,248.00 Breast milk study
Sinclair Knight Merz Pty Ltd 28,000.00 Review of Commonwealth Native Vegetation Data
CSIRO Corporate Finance 29,000.00 NVIS taxonomy assessment
Dascem Holdings P/l 29,778.05 Public relations support - NHB
HASTIE: Peter Alan 29,172.60 Section 10 reports for Ballina area
Microcad Australia Pty Ltd 30,000.00 Scoping - Mobile Testing Facility
Planning NSW 30,000.00 Financial tools project
The Distillery Pty Ltd 30,000.00 Iraq Heritage
Australian Timber Industry Certification 30,000.00 Firewood Stage 3
Melbourne University Private 30,530.00 Arid Eucalypt Woodlands
Consumer Contact 32,000.00 NPI community awareness market research
Walter & Turnbull 34,361.25 Evaluation of EPP
CPM-Department of Agriculture 33,000.00 Provision of services on NVIS
Duncan Seddon and Associates Pty Ltd 35,000.00 Interim Diesohol Report - Fuel Stds
Ecos Corporation Pty Ltd 35,090.00 Env. Educ. consultancy with Industry Sec
Deacons Lawyers 35,658.49 Section 13 report for Lake Monger
Parker Bridge (Australia) Pty Ltd 36,562.00 GIS and database services for NRM
Environ Australia Pty Ltd 36,652.00 Update case studies
John Thorp Australia 38,115.00 National Weeds Strategy Manager
Deakin Management Consulting 39,572.00 Review of IT arrangements for the Minister
Millward Brown Australia 39,695.00 EPBC Market Research
University of NSW 40,000.00 Expert Scientific Advice for MCE Program
Millward Brown Australia 41,755.00 Communication strategy for waste oil
URS Australia Pty Ltd 42,630.50 Review Final EIS-Radioactive Waste Repository
Red Sheriff 44,000.00 Web research
Brisbane City Council 48,542.00 Revision of Specification
Dascem Holdings P/l 54,500.00 Survey of CFC Chillers remaining in service
Dascem Holdings P/l 59,673.88 R & D project to develop a Liquid Level Sensor
CSIRO Corporate Finance 50,000.00 Veg Service Level Agreement
Exergy Group Pty Ltd 50,462.96 Technical Development
ACIL Tasman 54,902.25 Meander Dam - Tasks 1and 2
La Trobe University 63,800.00 ABRS-habitat profiles
Corporate Process Management Pty Ltd 63,800.00 Inshore Marine Ecosystems- Bryozoa
Walter & Turnbull 65,225.97 Legal advice
SRA Information Technology 64,240.00 Database Administration
Negotiated Solutions Pty Ltd 72,000.00 Preparation of s10 report for Minister
CSIRO Corporate Finance 75,999.70 Trend analysis - MP and Kyoto syn gases
McLennan Magasanik Associates Pty Ltd 80,000.00 Design of a Tradeable Certificate System
McLennan Magasanik Associates Pty Ltd 86,500.00 Biofuels tradeables
Orbital Engine Company Australia 92,023.60 Boat Motor Test
Pacific Air & Environment Pty Ltd 99,968.00 Dioxins Inventory
CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems 100,000.00 Veg Service Level Agreemt
CSIRO Corporate Finance 100,000.00 Veg Service Level Agreemt
Queensland Department of Tourism, Racing 100,800.00 Queensland provision of sampling service
Department of Health and Aged Care 138,600.00 Dioxins Risk Assessment TGA
Auckland Uniservices Limited 140,207.00 Auckland Nabers
CSIRO Corporate Finance 156,259.00 Soils study
CSIRO Corporate Finance 172,366.00 Aquatic study
Orbital Engine Company Australia 180,471.86 E20 Vehicles Purchase 2
CSIRO Corporate Finance 220,000.00 CSIRO Triple Bottom Line
Intertek Testing Services 231,997.30 Laboratory analysis of fuel samples
Orbital Engine Company Australia 394,343.81 Small Engine Testing
Orbital Engine Company Australia 1,682,945.14 E20 Test Phase 1
Orbital Engine Company Australia 1,737,999.00 E20 Vehicles Phase 2

Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator
Consultancies over $10 000

Deloitte & Touche Consulting a $23 199.00
Prepare the agency's annual and budgeted financial statements and monthly reconciling accounts payable and all bank accounts.

The Marketplace Company b $472 304.82
Establish Internet based Rec registry.

McLennan Magasanik b $44 988.02
Developing and documenting the methodology used for analysing and modelling the price of renewable energy certificates.

Intelligent Energy Systems Pty Limited b $55 590.00
Developing and documenting the methodology used for analysing and modelling the price of renewable energy certificates.

Australian Government Solicitor c $29 944.09
Obtain ongoing legal advice about implementation of measure and interpretation of legislation & Regulations.

KPMG Peat Marwick a $16 200.60
To provide two independent audits programs for the Office of Renewable Energy Regulator.

ORER Total of Consultancies $10,000 and Over for 2002-2003
$642 226.53 (GST Inclusive)

Consultancies under $10 000

Australian Greenhouse Office c $5122.75
To Provide Office of Renewable Energy Regulator with limited corporate support.

The Couch Design a $6033.50
Develop a graphic design for, and produce, the Office of Renewable Energy Regulator's Annual Report 2001.

Roam Consulting c $2266.00
To submit a report on the review of the methodology for calculating eligibility to create RECs from co-firing.

ORER Total List of Consultancies Less than $10,000 for 2002-2003
$13 422.25 (GST Inclusive)