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Key departmental publications, e.g. annual reports, budget papers and program guidelines are available in our online archive.

Much of the material listed on these archived web pages has been superseded, or served a particular purpose at a particular time. It may contain references to activities or policies that have no current application. Many archived documents may link to web pages that have moved or no longer exist, or may refer to other documents that are no longer available.

Environment Australia Annual Report 2001-02

Environment Australia, 2002
ISSN 1441-9335

Management and accountability (continued)
Consultants, Competitive Tendering and Contracting (continued)

Consultancy services

Consultants are usually employed when the specialist expertise is not available within the Department and selected through a competitive tender process.

There are other times when there is:

  1. need for independent assessment is required,
  2. public tender process has been followed, or
  3. direct engagement of a pre-eminent expert, or consultant who has previously undertaken closely related work for the department.

These variations are indicated.

Consultants are listed in alphabetical order. Payments have been rounded and some payments to the same consultant for similar work have been grouped together.

Outcome one - Environment

Consultancies over $10 000

Acumen Alliance $10 725
Assessment of compliance with the Fedlink Standard on IT security

Acumen Alliance $14 355
Development of IT Strategic Plan 2001-04

AD Edwards c $25 000
End of Life of Vehicles Report

Agilent technologies b $183 912
Provision of Monitoring equipment for Hungary

Alross Pty Ltd c $10 000
Scoping for National In-service Emissions Testing Project

Allen Consulting Group b $10 450
Cost-Benefit Analysis for LPG standard and implementation

Allergy Research Foundation $20 000
Contribution to a pilot examining the effects of indoor air quality on respiration of grade one children at a low allergy school

Alpha West/Solution 6 b $102 670
Migration of ministerial correspondence and tracking system to TRIM for Windows

AIMS (Australian Institute of Marine Science) QLD c $36 795
Cartier Island Marine Reserve Baseline Research and Monitoring Program

ARTD Management and Research Consultants $37 020
Evaluation of the Commonwealth Component of the Clean Seas Program, Urban Stormwater Initiative & Cleaning Our Waterways Industry Partnership program

Arthur Ryhlah Research Institute $55 000
Development of a nomination for the ecological community Natural Temperate Grasslands

Aspect $60 605
Quality Assurance Testing for Wildlife Management Database

Atech Group P/L ACT c $13 189
Update National Water Quality Management Strategy - Final Report

Aquaterra Consulting $18 203
Authorship of BPEM in Mining - Mine Decommissioning Booklet

Auckland UniServices b $256 735
Development of National Australian Building Environmental Rating System (NABERS) Report

Australasian Wader Studies Group ACT c $16 950
Supporting implementation of the colour flagging protocol

Australia Maritime Training Inc TAS c $34 672
Management of the Australia/China Project - working together on land and ship-based marine pollution in North-Eastern China

Australian Centre for Mining Environmental Research c $24 200
Indicators of ecosystem rehabilitation success stage 2 - verification of indicators and transfer of monitoring technology

Australian Museum NSW b $19 798
Improving AusRivAS Analytical Methods

Australian Museum NSW b $40 527
Improving AusRivAS Analytical Methods Toolbox Project - Year 2 funding

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation c $13 200
ANSTO contributions to the joint SSD/ANSTO investigation into the suitability of Area 4 for human habit

Babel-SBF Pty Ltd $12 783
Assist the Commonwealth in administering the Environment Protection (Sea Dumping) Act 1981 and the Sea Installations Act 1987

Biosis Research Pty. Ltd. $10 030
Assessment of Ecological Values of Lands at Kurnell Peninsula.

Blake Dawson Waldron b $128 450
Legal advice in relation to market testing of corporate services

Bureau of Rural Sciences c $15 873
Expert advice in relation to the Honeymoon Uranium Mine environment assessment

Bureau of Transport Economics (DTRD) c $30 000
Cost implications of replacing halon firefighting systems in Merchant Ships

Burnbank Consulting c $28 600
Review of Halon Essential Use reserve

Burnbank Consulting $66 000
Inventory and projection data on ozone depleting substances and synthetic greenhouse Gases

Centre for Community Child Health ac $83 542
Pilot Study of the relationship between air quality and child health

City of Adelaide b $110 000
Organisation and hosting of International LA21 Conference

Conference Design P/L TAS $20 000
Consultant to organise Groundwater Forum

Connell Wagner Pty Ltd NSW b $25 135
Strategic Plan of Action for the National Representative System of Marine Protected Areas (first stage)

Co-operative Research Centre for Construction Innovation $10 000
Joint Study on Building Code

CRC for Freshwater Ecology ACT c $10 000
Support to update AusRivAS Web Site

CRC Freshwater Ecology, University of Canberra ACT b $42 864
AusRivAS Physical & Chemical Assessment Model

Creative Conservation Solutions $25 000
Capacity Building Workshop in Indonesia

CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research $10 000
A screening procedure for monitoring ozone and nitrogen dioxide in 'small- to medium-sized' cities: Phase II - application of the procedure

CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research b $193 479
Characterisation of emissions from domestic solid fuel burning appliances

CSIRO Division of Atmosphere Research $317 107
Determination of ambient environmental levels of dioxins in Australia

CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research $79 860
Determination of the levels of emissions of dioxins from bushfires in Australia

CSIRO Division of Entomology a $86 990
Ecological Impacts of GM cotton and canola on Soil Biodiversity

CSIRO Division of Entomology a $80 390
Risks associated with recombination and genetically modified organisms

CSIRO Division of Entomology a $37 000
Risk Assessment methodology for genetically modified organisms

CSIRO Forestry and Forest Products c $77 000
Improving regional community capability for reintroducing native fungi from remnant woodland into revegetation

CSIRO Marine Research Division of Marine Fisheries $52 580
Bentho Pelagic Trophodynamics in the Tasmanian Seamounts Marine Reserve

CSIRO Marine Research Division of Marine Fisheries $90 000
Conservation Assessments of 11 Marine Areas - Stage 1

CSIRO Marine Research Division of Marine Fisheries c $10 775
Conservation of marine habitats in the region of Heard Island and the McDonald Islands

CSIRO Marine Research (Dr Hobday) TAS c $15 235
Rapid assessment of Australian MPA's using satellite remote sensing

CSIRO Sustainable Eco-systems c $22 000
BDAC Workshop to develop indicators for the affects of climate change on bio

CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems c $50 000
Assessing the Biodiversity Benefits of Vegetation Programs

CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems c $90 000
Biodiversity monitoring in the rangelands workshop

CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems c $600 000
Vegetation Service Level Agreement

CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems $24 243
Secondment - M.Doherty

Curriculum Corporation $30 642
Formal education review

Customised Software Solutions $282 862
Development of the Wildlife Management Database

Daryl Jackson Alastair Swayn Architects $24 259
Design consultants for Communications Centre refurbishment.

DASCEM Holdings c $22 935
Enviromental Management Plan for NHB

David J Foremann and Associates $40 672
Development of learning guides for NIETA training package

Davidson Trahaire $34 650
Provision of employee assistance programme

Defence & Management Consultants Pty Ltd $62 400
Chair of the Cape York Regional Advisory Panel & Chair of the Cape York Property Plan Technical Group

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu $50 000
First payment in relation to the Evaluation of Commonwealth Air Quality Programs

Deni Greene Consulting $21 285
Environment Education industry awareness study

Deni Greene c $15 400
Provision of Life Cycle Costing Report

Dodson & Lane Pty Ltd c $23 124
Consultancy services to assist Aboriginal stakeholder consultations on Purnululu National Park World Heritage nomination

Drycleaning Institute of Australia c $31 000
Contribution to the development and promotion of the Drycleaning Industry Regulation Standard

Economics Associates b $29 612
Advice on cost benefit of diesel National Environment Protection Measure

Ecopolis Pty Ltd c $16 200
Provide Technical advice for NABERS project

Energetics P/L $27 500
Authorship of BPEM in Mining - Energy Efficiency Booklets

Energy Strategies b $51 876
Report on the potential use of a tradeable certificate system for waste oil in Australia

Environ Australia c $15 708
Update of Environmental Technology case studies on Departmental website

Environment Protection Authority Victoria c $244 688
Fine Particle Composition in Four Major Australian Cities

Environment Protection Authority Victoria c $75 600
Emissions from in-service vehicles

Ernst & Young b $460 950
Business advice in relation to market testing of corporate services

Ernst & Young $18 000
Materiality of Environment to Australian Finance Sector

Freshwater Systems (Dr Peter Davies) TAS c $16 156
Australia Wide Assessment of River Health Science Coordinator

Freshwater Systems P/L TAS c $56 678
National River Health Science Coordinator

Professor Gordon Andrews (Leeds University) c $13 000
Cleanerburn Review -Assessment of the impacts of Cleanerburn Diesel on emissions and metallic residues

Goulburn Valley Water VIC c $16 500
Train the Waterwatch network in the new version (Version 3) of the Waterwatch Database

Gutteridge Haskins & Davey Pty Ltd $22 985
Engineering advice for Darwin facility

Gutteridge Haskins & Davey Pty Ltd b $14 960
The potential sensitivity of marine mammals to mining and exploration in the Great Australian Bight (GABMP) Marine Mammal Protection

Hart/IRI Fuels Information Services c $25 260
International Review of Higher Ethanol Blends.

Heritage Management Consultants Pty Ltd (Marshall & Pearson) c $15 000
Assessment of City of Melbourne's draft World Heritage nomination for Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens, Melbourne.

Holmes Air Services $10 639
Authorship of BPEM in Mining - Atmospheric Emissions Booklet

Humane Society c $86 900
Bush for Wildlife national

Impact Learning $26 180
Support of the 360 Feedback scheme

Department of Industry Science and Resources $11 000
Providing statistics on transport usage

Integrated Construction Management Services $28 091
Project management for Communications Centre refurbishment

Interaction Consulting Group $37 330
Provision of assessment and feedback training

John Birkett & Associates b $10 390
Market research for Launceston Woodheater Replacement Program

John Scheirs $15 810
Provide Plastics & the Environment Report

Dr Jonathan Banks c $12 000
Draft strategy on quarantine uses of methyl bromide

John Kowarsky & Associates VIC $12 683
Consultancy services to assist the Commonwealth in administering the Environment Protection (Sea Duming) Act 1981 and the Sea Installations Act 1987

Keith Bishop c $11 320
Re-censusing fish communities of Gulungul Creek

KPMG c $26 438
Sustainability & the Retail Sector Report

Kromat Kft b $103 938
Provision of consumables & training for monitoring equipment in Hungary

Landcare Australia NSW b $330 000
Coastcare sponsorship & activities

Landloch Pty Ltd c $18 040
A rainfall simulation study to derive erosion rates for the Jabiluka uranium mine

Lloyd Environmental Consultants b $20 000
Applying the National River Health Program Framework for the allocation of environmental flows to wetlands in the Murray

Mainstream Environmental Consulting ACT c $42 845
Analyse incentive measures for the conservation of freshwater ecosystems

Mainstream Environmental Consulting ACT c $32 560
Describing the 'ecological character' of Australia's Ramsar sites

Mainstream Environmental Consulting ACT c $30 470
Gaining High level Political Support for the Ramsar Convention among Pacific Island Countries

Marequus Pty Ltd VIC c $10 000
Review of International Whaling Commission (IWC) Sanctuary Criteria and Indian Ocean Sanctuary (IOS)

Marine and Freshwater Resources Institute VIC c $10 000
Developing techniques to mark otoliths of hatchery reared pot bellied seahorses (Hippocampus abdominalis) using strontium chloride.

Mr Matthew Higgins c $15 840
CHPP Part One - Application Assessment and CHPP Part Two - Project Brief Development

Maunsell Aust $11 900
Provide Environmental reporting indicators/methodologies

McLennan Magasanik $23 719
Undertake Product Stewardship Electrical Study

Meinhardt (NSW) P/L $42 897
Provide Computer & Peripherals Report

Meinhardt (NSW) Pty Ltd b $41 470
Report on waste oil in Australia

Museums & Art Galleries of the NT $54 000
Produce a marine and terrestrial introduced species prevention and management strategy for Ashmore Reef National Nature Reserve and Cartier Island Maine Reserve

National Land & Water Resource Audit c $374 000
National Co-ordinator Actitivities for the National Vegetation Information System

Nationwide News Pty Ltd NSW c $136 000
Matthew Flinders/Windeward Bound Re-enactment Voyage

Dept Natural Resources - Victoria $35 000
Aboriginal Heritage Management System

Department of Natural Resources and Environment $17 256
Progress payment (2nd Installment) - Low Rainfall Silviculture Project

NSW National Parks & Wildlife c $46 000
Assessment of wetland loss in the Murray-Darling Basin

Neological Consulting $38 540
Quality Control of BPEM publications

Ngangaana Wiridjuri $10 000
Facilitation of Cross Cultural Awareness programmes

90 East (Asia Pacific) Pty Ltd $26 400
IT security threat and risk analysis

Nolan-ITU b $13 093
Biodegradable Plastics consultancy

Northern Territory University c $14 720
Jabiluka macroinvertebrate surveys

Northern Territory University c $16 500
Study of the ecological effects of Magnesium sulphate in Magela Creek

People & Strategy $13 662
PDS & Team Management

PPK Environment & Infrastructure a $17 934
Completing revision of fuel and organic liquid storage manual

PPK Environment & Infrastructure Pty Ltd b $40 520
Authorship of Best Practice Environmental Management (BPEM) in Mining - Training Kits

Phillips Fox Lawyers b $34 440
Probity advice in relation to market testing of corporate services

Pollution Research P/L NSW $31 823
Assist the Commonwealth in administering the Environment Protection (Sea Dumping) Act 1981 and the Sea Installations Act 1987

Pollution Research P/L NSW c $22 000
Review and Rewrite the ANZECC Interim Ocean Disposal Guidelines

Price Waterhouse Coopers $19 600
Report on Finance Sector and Sustainability

Pricewaterhouse Coopers ac $30 000
Regulation Impact Statements for amendments to the Ozone Protection Act

Dept Primary Industries, Water & Environment c $12 000
Socio-economic study of potential impacts of regulating the firewood industry in Tasmania

PSI Consulting b $68 705
Review of divisional support services

Purnululu Aboriginal Corporation c $35 000
Documentation of the World Heritage cultural values of Purnululu National Park

Quality Management Solutions $13 790
OH&S assessment of Australian World Heritage Division

Queensland Institute of Technology c $11 000
Determination of regional radon exhalation rates and Pb-210 deposition fluxes in the Ranger/Jabiluka mines

RAC Marine Pty ACT c $12 936
Preparation and delivery of a presentation on Protection, Preservation and Sustainable Management of Marine Environments in New York

Radiowise Networks Pty Ltd c $63 500
Bio-diveristy Month communications campaign September 2002

Re-engineering Australia c $51 961
Development of strategic plan; risk assessment and risk management plan; logistic template; change management

Re-engineering Australia c $12 870
Review of the Supervising Scientist Division Support Unit

Results Consulting $20 100
Performance and Development review and evaluation workshops

Resource Policy & Management Pty Ltd $29 490
Bushcare Support Evaluation

Rider Hunt NT Pty Ltd $23 980
Surveying for the Darwin facility

RMIT University $20 000
Consultant Editor BUSH Magazine

RMIT Uni - Centre for Design c $16 059
International expert participation in integrating bio-diveristy into LCA at LCA conference 17-19 july, Advanced LCA course 20 july, Integrating bio-diveristy and LCA workshop 22 july, LCA and bio-diveristy presentation 23 july, LCA and bio-diveristy workshop 23 july

RMIT Uni - Centre for Design c $14 599
Seminar/conference/workshop participation by expert

Rob Brennan Facilitation and Training Services $31 620
Facilitation of Performance and Development Scheme

Robert Barnett & Associates $10 164
Development of a procedures manual for Wildlife Permits and Enforcement, and Wildlife Management

Rushworth Consultancy $23 000
Presentation of Effective and Advanced Writing courses

RSPCA Australia Inc. $16 500
Survey of compliance with the Code of Practice in Kangaroo culling

Sinclair Knight Merz b $22 638
Study of water quality exceedences for State of the Environment reporting

Sinclair Knight Merz b $11 989
Study of algal blooms in inland and estuarine waters

SMEC Australia Pty Ltd b $63 580
Development of LA21 Milestone Framework

SoftLaw Corporation Pty Ltd b $39 647
Specialist expertise in relation to the development of the EPBC systems database

SRA Information Technology $24 831
Australian Bird and Bat Banding Database Documentation, Bug fixes & Enhancements

SRA Information Technology c $45 760
NVIS Functionality Refinements

SRA Information Technology c $11 440
Specialist expertise in relation to maintenance of the EPBC referrals systems

Sustainable Solutions c $10 010
Provide Technical advice for NABERS project

SWB Consulting c $18 756
Provision of technical advice on Transitional Assistance (TA) grant application

SWB Consulting c $47 490
Base Oil testing Report

SWB Consulting c $34 179
Further specialist advice on base oil testing

Team Ferrari c $40 180
To review, reconcile and consolidate available data, including unreported commercial data, into a database

Team Systems Pty Ltd $62 645
Evaluation of Performance and Development system

The Empower Group $99 500
Graduate Recruitment Services

Toldark Pty Ltd $33 288
Establishment of web publishing tool

Toldark Pty Ltd $26 160
Development of image database

Townsend International Pty Ltd $13 660
Provision of Get Tough with Stress programme

Tropical Savannas CRC b $28 380
Assessment of fire patterns and their environmental impact

Unitas Consulting c $12 820
Woodsmoke workshop for local government officers in Victoria, ACT, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia

University of Canberra ACT a $84 842
The Independent Assessment of the Environmental Achievements of the COAG Water Reforms.

University of Melbourne - Professor Harry Watson c $11 000
Review of Issues Paper - Assessing the Impact of Higher Ethanol Blends.

University of New England b $35 170
Tasmanian GM canola breaches environmental impacts study

University of New South Wales b $48 356
Environmental Flows Initiative- Environmental Water Requirements to Maintain Estuarine Processes

University of Queensland $33 000
Dioxins and dioxin-like compounds in pooled human milk samples

University of Queensland $110 000
Determination of the levels of dioxins in the Australian population by analysis of blood serum

University of Tasmania TAS b $74 129
AusRivAS error analysis - Toolbox Project Year 2 funding

University of Wollongong NSW c $10 000
An analysis of executive and legislative measures detailing how to establish whale sanctuaries within the Exclusive Economic Zone of South Pacific Island countries

University of Wollongong NSW c $17 400
Visit South Pacific to draft whale Sanctuary Legislation

Walter & Turnbull - Mr Greg Fraser c $15 680
Development of a Risk Management Plan for the Monitoring, Compliance and Enforcement Program for the implementation of the Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000.

Walter & Turnbull $10 164
High level assessment of alternative Human Resources Management Information Systems products

WA Department of Environmental Protection c $235 548
Personal exposure monitoring

Water Ecoscience Pty Ltd VIC b $21 665
Australia wide assessment of river health - AusRivAS Assessing the health of Arid & Semi Arid Waters

Water Ecoscience Pty Ltd VIC b $62 563
National River Health Program - AusRivAS Quality Assurance/Quality Control - Year 2 funding

Water Ecoscience Pty Ltd VIC b $37 525
National River Health Program- AusRivAS Protocol development and testing

Water Ecoscience Pty Ltd VIC b $40 343
National River Health Program -AusRivAS Protocol development and testing - Year 2 funding

WBM Oceanics Australia QLD $10 432
Assist the Commonwealth in administering the Environment Protection (Sea Dumping) Act 1981 and the Sea Installations Act 1987

Wetlands International - Oceania ACT c $23 750
Boundary Definition and Mapping of Important Sites for Migratory Shorebirds in Australia -Stage 1 National Shorebird overview

Wetlands International - Oceania ACT c $40 000
Commonwealth Wetland Inventory

Wetlands International - Oceania ACT c $38 000
Preliminary Estimates Of Populations Of Australian Waterbirds, Including EPBC - Listed Species

Wetlands International - Oceania ACT c $50 160
Strategic Assessment of Nationally Important Wetlands managed by the Commonwealth in relation to listing of Wetlands of International Importance

Wetlands International Evert Rougoor $25 000
Delivery of workshops and proceeding of the internal seminar 'Wetlands in a Changing World' Wetlands International The Netherlands
Overseas Payment

Wizard Computer Training Pty Ltd $61 600 Delivery of standard operating environment computer training

Consultancies under $10 000

Access Programmes $2800
Employee assistance counselling services

Acumen Alliance c $5005
Acceptance testing of EPBC database system

Adept ScribeDoc $2326
NSW Data Entry

Dept of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry Australia a $5729
Coastal Acid Sulfate Soils Program Technical Advisory Panel - 2nd Round

AGSO a $3000
Preparation of report on 'technical assessment of additional work to define the boundaries and hydrogeology of the aquifer, Honeymoon in situ leach project'

AGSO c $1000
Provision of report on the Honeymoon Uranium Project - report on aquifer definition

Aspect Ecology $3465
Update to the Cetacean Sighting Database

Australian Forensic Services - Mr Tom McQuillan c $9075
Development of the Commonwealth Investigation Management Plan for the Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000 for the implementation of the Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000.

Australian Forensic Services - Mr Tom McQuillan c $687
Examination of the Commonwealth Sampling Procedures Manual for the Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000 for the implementation of the Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies b $6600
Review of the status of indigenous languages

Australian National University $5000
Undertake a study of socio economic issues facing traditional Indonesian fishers who access the MOU Box

Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation a $704
Radiological assessment of the Steritech irradiation plant public environment report

Australian Water and Waste Water Association NSW $2262
Living Cities Technical Advisory Panel (2001-02)

Bayley & Associates Pty Ltd $2200
Coaching services

Bob Englund & Associates $7100
Conduct review of action

Braysher Consulting $9531
Independent review of likely significance of the Douglas Heavy Minerals Project (Stage 1) on habitat of the Red-tailed Black Cockatoo.

Building Surveyors Australia Pty Ltd $3046
Certification of the Darwin facility

Burbank Consulting c $5720
Specialist advice on TA grant applications

Bureau of Rural Sciences c $5000
Assessment of Groundwater at Donnybrook, QLD

Bureau of Rural Sciences c $3856
Review of environmental effects of aquaculture

Bureau of Rural Sciences c $7392
Review Mt Margaret PER and provision of written assessment

Bureau of Rural Sciences c $5181
Provision of additional technical advice on the final PER for Murrin/Mt Margaret

Chirp Internet $9235
Upgrade of on-line Clearing-house Mechanism Database

Chris Hunt Consultant $9470
Investigate and report on discipline matter

Conference Design Pty Ltd TAS $7800
Professional Conference Organiser for the 3rd National Waterwatch Conference to be held in Launceston, Tasmania

Consumer Contact $9600
Completing market research

CRC Freshwater Ecology University of Canberra ACT b $6551
AusRivAS Training & Accreditation

CSIRO $9000
Action plan for Australian Butterflies

CSIRO Land and Water SA a $2679
Coastal Acid Sulfate Soils Program Technical Advisory Panel - 2nd Round

CSIRO Marine Research , TAS $3300
Scientific Review of high seas biodiversity

Dan Smith QLD c $3621
Consultancy services in relation to scale insect control in the Coral Sea National Nature Reserves

Dan Smith QLD c $3985
Scale Insect Control in the Coral Sea National Nature Reserves

Dan Smith QLD c $1700
Scale Insect Natural Enemy on North-East Herald Islet in the Coringa-Herald National Nature Reserve

D'Arcy Consulting Group Pty Ltd $6800
Facilitation of application and interview skills workshop

David Campbell & Associates $385
CSVM Presenter

Doug Munro c $1500
Technical Assessment of Issues Paper - Assessing the Impact of Higher Ethanol Blends

Ecocean c $5000
Material for the preparation of a CITES identification manual for the Whale Shark

Ecosurveys PtyLtd c $8361
Expert services in relation to the possible impact on the Swift Parrot on development activities in Tasmania

Edith Cowan University c $2200
Develop a landscape-scale ecological research program in the ARR

ENV Australia Pty Ltd, Western Australia $6000
Assist the Commonwealth in administering the Environment Protection (Sea Dumping) Act 1981 and the Sea Installations Act 1987

Exergy Group c $4300
Evaluation of National Australian Building Environmental Rating System (NABERS) Report

Expressions $2569
Mark-up of publications for the web

Ferm P/L NSW $5000
Undertake a study of socio-economic issues facing traditional Indonesian fishers who access the MOU Box

Flinders Consulting Pty Ltd b $6820
National Maritime Heritage Strategy

Futures Financial Group $495
Financial Advice

Francis Crome Pty Ltd c $1320
Expert advice in relation to the Southern Cassowary in relation to land clearing in North Queensland

Goulburn Valley Water VIC c $5500
Waterwatch Helpdesk service

Graeme Kelleher & Assoc. ACT c $3438
High Seas Marine Protected Areas consultancy

Gutteridge Haskins & Davey P/L $3000
Review of National Packaging Covenant

Prof Harry Green SA $4390
Living Cities Technical Advisory Panel (2001-02)

Hart Downstream Energy Services c $927
Review of Brazilian Vehicle Market.

HLA Envirosciences $9317
Completing revision of mining manual

Ian Rae ac $5500
Theoretical Advice - Impact of 20% Ethanol Petrol Blends on Vehicle Components

Interactive Environmental Solutions $4370
Development of Guidance Document on wastes generated during surface treatment of metals and plastics.

Interaction Consulting Group $3314
Facilitation of CSVM 'Environmental Rights & Obligations Workshop'

Interaction Consulting Group $5154
Towards a strategic approach to Wildlife Enforcement

Interaction Consulting Group $4376
WPES Team Building & Planning Day

Interaction Consulting $1759
WIS/WPE Communication Workshop

Ms Ilse Kiessling $3150
Design of a Performance Assessment Program for Coral Sea National Nature Reserves

James Cook University $500
Input into review for guidelines for the EPA.

Jane Lennon and Associates c $8250
Review of heritage indicators for State of the Environment reporting

Jeff Dawson-Davis $1500
OH&S report on computer room

Jeff Dawson-Davis $2750
OH&S review of proposed pest control

Dr John B Cox c $1100
Advice on transport data

John Kowarsky & Associates VIC b $7394
Ad-hoc technical support services relating to providing assistance in assessing and processing permit applications under the EP(SD)Act 1983

Karen Denis $1106
Fee for facilitation services

Kriton Glenn c $3930
Preparation of planning and management material for Ashmore and Cartier

Kriton Glenn c $7700
Design of a Performance Assessment Program for Ashmoore Reef National Nature Reserve & Cartier Island Marine Reserve

Kriton Glenn c $7120
Providing patrol outcomes, management recommendations and modified for Ashmore & Cartier Marine Reserves procedures and guidelines

Landscape Assessment, Management & Rehabilitation Pty Ltd b $4950
Provision of expert advice on the core habitat and distribution of the Allocasuarina emuina at the proposed Peregian Springs site

LeProvost Dames & Moore b $1478
Ad-hoc technical support services relating to providing assistance in assessing and processing permit applications under the Environment Protection (Sea Dumping) Act 1982

Luminis Pty Ltd $8605
O/view of conservation status of macro & microalgae

Marequus Pty Ltd VIC c $7000
Consultancy to attend IWC 54 Scientific Committee meeting in Japan 2002

Mark C Pirlo a $5907
Expert advice re the chemistry of the aquifer at the proposed Honeymoon Uranium Mine.

Michael Stenning Partners $6930
Provision of Health Stress Performance workshops

Dr Michael Mahony b $2865
Independent review and identification of the distribution and core habitat of, and potential impacts on, the Wallum sedge Frog from the proposed Peregian Springs residential estate project

Montech $5923
Undertake Eco efficiency survey

Murdoch University b $8223
Biodiversity Standards and Targets for Natural Resource Management Draft National Protocols for Wetland Extent and Condition

Dept Natural Resources - Victoria $5000
Statewide Culture Heritage Guidelines

Ned Noel Software c $2622
CHPP database development

Northern Territory University c $4400
Application of GIS for assessment and management of mining impact

Northern Territory University c $3300
Review of statistical procedures associated with eriss monitoring protocols

Notre Dame University c $8800
Morphology of the Ngarradj Backwater Plain and Alluvial Fan NT

Orbital Engine Company c $8800
Providing advice on scope for ethanol testing

Pacific Air and Environment $6357
Determination of the levels of dioxin emissions from motor vehicles in Australia

Quality Management Solutions $9700
Conduct review of actions

Resource Policy & Management Pty Ltd ACT c $4840
Delivery of Actions Associated with the Communication Education and Public Awareness National Action Plan 2001-2005 - Terms of reference, workplan and amendments to the plan

Robert Barnett & Associates $5128
Re-design of Wildlife permits/seizures forms

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology $8710
Provision of 360 Degree Feedback training

Rushworth Consultancy $9385
Provision of meetings skills training

Scott Payne $308
Scripts for migration of Australian Biological Resources Study online databases

Dr Sharon Sullivan c $1650
Indigenous perspective for the 2001 State of the Environment report

SRA Information Technology $2480
PA maint-uploads & GIS Archview

SRA Information Technology $320
PA misc maintenance

Statwise Pty Ltd c $2310
Statistical analysis of Christmas Island Seabird Monitoring data

SWB Consulting c $4543
Review of TA applications

SWB Consulting c $5544
Providing Technical Advice on the Impacts of Minimum (Diesel Fuel) Density Levels on Vehicle Operation

SWB Consulting c $8307
Protocol for Product Stewardship

SWB Consulting c $3634
Review of technical report provided by grant applicant

SWB Consulting c $1760
Technical advice on grant application

Teresa James Flora Consultant c $1028
Inspection and assessment of Cumberland Plain Woodlands at ADI St Marys site and preparation of report

Talk Force $1430
Delivery of Presentation Skills course

Prof Tom McMahon VIC $725
Clean Seas Technical Advisory Panel - Living Cities/Urban stormwater initiative program

Unisearch ac $7744
Cleanerburn Review - Assessment of the impacts of Cleanerburn Diesel on Catalyst Durability

Unitas Consulting c $3680
Woodsmoke workshop for local government officers in Tasmania and New South Wales

University of Melbourne $1075
Urban Stormwater Initiative Technical Advisory Panel 2000/01

University of Newcastle c $2200
Hydrology of a minesite airstrip and its influence on landform stability, Nabarlek NT

University of Newcastle c $2970
A rainfall simulation study to derive erosion rates for the Jabiluka uranium mine

University of Tasmania TAS b $8082
AusRivAS error analysis

URS Australia Pty Ltd NSW $5891
Assist the Commonwealth in administering the Environment Protection (Sea Dumping) Act 1981 and the Sea Installations Act 1987

Voyaging Pty Ltd $4000
Delivery of Cross Cultural Training programme for Norfolk Island National Park

Voyaging P/L $5801
Indigenous Knowledge Workshop

Hon Warwick Smith a $2142
Independent Review of the Australian Greenhouse Office

Water Ecoscience Pty Ltd VIC b $8188
NRHP - AusRivAS Quality Assurance/Quality Control

WBM Oceanics Australia QLD $2684
Ad-hoc technical support services relating to providing assistance in assessing and processing permit applications under the Environment Protection (Sea Dumping) Act 1985

The Westbourne Group $5250
Banding Procedures Manual

The Westbourne Group $7915
Banding Procedures Manual

The Wetlands Centre NSW $1320
Coordinating Australian Non-government input into the 8th Conference of Parties to the Ramsar Convention

Wetlands International - Oceania ACT c $7500
Monitoring of Waterbird Populations -Barkly Lakes NT. Post-Wet surveys 2002
Consultant who has previously undertaken closely related work for the department

Wetlands International - Oceania $4620
Compile Ramsar information sheets for three Marine Protected Areas- Coral Sea, Elizabeth and Middleton

Wetlands International - Oceania ACT $3500
Delivery of surveys of important wetlands in the Northern Territory

Wirthlin Worldwide Australasia $9900
Market Testing for Wildlife Trade Communication Strategy products

Young Resources $7920
Provision of Performance Development Assessment workshops

Outcome two - Meteorology

Consultancies over $10 000

Bovis Lend Lease $106 163
Development of Functional Map software database

Building Services Design & Management (BSD&M) $47 100
Head Office relocation analysis

CSIRO Division of Atmosphere Research $30 000
Detection and dispersion modelling of hazardous volcanic plumes

Cumulus Consulting $11 250
World Meteorology Organisation climate matters activities

Dr Angus McEwan $58 000
Reports on international marine science activity

Ebor Computing $17 440
Consultancy for Australian Integrated Forecast System profiler display

Gutteridge Haskins & Davey (GHD) $13 350
Risk assessment for Balloon Launcher

Gutteridge Haskins & Davey (GHD) $32 080
Head Office relocation analysis

Proxeni $12 200
Web site redevelopment

TIER $10 000
Assessment Analysis of the Materials Management component of SAP

Tim Kiddle $10 285
Preparation of international project documentation

Weather Solutions Pty Ltd $24 200
Forecast Service Analysis

Consultancies under $10 000

ASR Research Pty Ltd $5103
Investigation of Recommendations in the Strategic Assessment

Ben Hehir $5230
Pilot Information Document Management System

Building Services Design & Management (BSD&M) $7343
Specifications for air conditioning work

Col Pierrehumbert $5000
Probable maximum precipitation project

Cumpston Sargeant Pty Ltd $9000
Actuarial Report

DGJ Projects $5600
Market testing of Desktop Systems

Fritz Henry $5000
Provision of interpreter services

Gutteridge Haskins & Davey (GHD) $1973
Civil Engineering

IPS Radio & Space Services $2545
Determination of Radio Fax Broadcast AXI Frequencies

John Beard $5000
Report on International Radio Frequency matters

Kevin Burroughs $3887
Forecaster operational work for the Benchmarking project

KFPW $5250
Head Office relocation analysis

Mike Rosel $7400
Editorial Support for the Web Module 'Forecasting in the Weather'

MKI Pty Ltd $5600
Feasibility study

Professor Chris Keen $5000
Review of documents for the Forecasting Streamlining and Enhancement Project

Prose Media $1583
Assistance in revising media contact arrangements

Radius Management Pty Ltd $1280
HO relocation analysis

Risk and Reliability Associates $2573
Assistance in the Observations and Engineering Market Testing Program

Synergy Plus Pty Ltd $1050
SP System administration review

Terri McCormack Historical Consultancy $7500
Survey of historical meteorological documentary sources

TIER $8125
Project Assurance and strategic planning advice

Vanessa Webb $7500
Development of a Public Education web site

Outcome three - Antarctica

Consultancies over $10 000

Barking Spider Pty Ltd c $26 700
Develop software for Marine Microbial Ecology

Captain Alan Tait OAM c $50 000
Acquisition of Science and/or Cargo Ships

CSIRO Marine Research c $30 000
Petroleum Analysis 1/7/01-30/6/02

Cuetel P/L b $22 000
Corp Services Customer Survey

Gandy & Roberts Pty Ltd c $11 000
Casey Site Visit and Report on Structural Damage

Hannomar Pty Ltd c $10 000
Management & Corp Gov issues for MPAG 30/05/2002-30/06/2003

Hannomar Pty Ltd c $10 000
Report on change management process in Corporate Branch

Interpretive Graphics c $14 520
Development of Display Brief

Dr Judy Clarke c $21 450
CEMP Data Analysis -.10.01 to 30.06.02

Latitude Technologies P/L c $16 800
Solar Energy Modelling for new accommodation at Davis

M S & S E Betts Pty Ltd c $15 125
Draft articles for ANAN

NCS International $24 922
EMS Certification

Orca Solutions Pty Ltd c $10 500
Stage 5 of Penguin Monitoring Database

QEST Consulting Pty Ltd $19 760
OH&S Audit and Review

RUWPA, University of St Andrews, Scotland c $33 530
Spatial analysis and modelling

TAFE Tasmania c $17 600
Expeditioner Training Assessment

Consultancies under $10 000

Ambidji Group Pty Ltd $5000
Aviation Adviser for Air Link Project

Central Ageing FacilityMarine & Freshwater Resources Institute c $4260
Report of Toothfish ageing techniques

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu $5000
Probity Auditor for Air Link Project

Jeffrey Human Resources c $4400
Investigation of harassment claim

Peter Godfrey Pty Ltd t/a Business Thinking Systems c $9900
Facilitated Strategic Planning

Rosmit Nominees Pty Ltd t/a Greenfields Geophysics c $5500
Advice on PC MEGA Geophysical Program

Searson Buck $8900
Corporate Projects Skill Audit

SEMF Holdings c $2165
Analysis and design modifications to glacio crane

The Quill Consultancy c $2984
Development of Shipboard Survey Location Frequency Test

TIER $9685
Business Process Mapping

Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator

Consultancies over $10 000

URS Australia Pty Ltd b $303 329
Processing of applications from power stations applying for accreditation under the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000.

Australian Government Solicitor c $101 823
Obtain ongoing legal advice about implementation of measure and interpretation of legislation & Regulations.

Deloitte & Touche Consulting a $13 711
Prepare the agency's annual and budgeted financial statements and monthly reconciling accounts payable and all bank accounts.

The Marketplace Company b $25 685
Integration of accredited PKT functionality.

The Marketplace Company b $330 111
Establish Internet based Rec registry

International Forest Environment Research & Management P/L a $16 060
Development of administration guidelines for recording the use of wood waste under MRET.

Price Waterhouse Cooper a $64 771
Risk analysis and review of guidelines for the administration of the mandatory renewable energy target.

McLennan Magasanik b $30 560
Developing and documenting the methodology used for analysing and modelling the price of renewable energy certificates.

Intelligent Energy Systems Pty Limited b $37 060
Developing and documenting the methodology used for analysing and modelling the price of renewable energy certificates.

ORER Total of Consultancies $10 000 and Over for 2001-2002 $923 112 (GST Inclusive).

Consultancies under $10 000

Nolan - ITU a $1206
Exploration of brightstar's methodology for calculations RECs from SWERF.

Nolan - ITU a $3300
Preparation & visit to SWERF Facility on 21/6/01.

The University of NSW c $495
Evaluation of solartech report

HBA Consulting c $1584
Review ORER's certified agreement 2001/2.

Roam Consulting PTY LTD c $440
Metering Descriptions

CSIRO c $5500
Identify current plantation management and harvesting approval process.

Roam Consulting PTY LTd c $6886
Review of REC calculations for co-firing, review of REC calculations methodologies and final report.

GEO Science Australia c $5500
Create a on line map of accredited renewable energy sites.

The University of NSW c $3300
Review REC calculation methodology.

Geosciences Australia a $2200
Maintenance of online map displaying details of power stations accredited under the mandatory renewable energy target and its supporting legislation.

Coelecath Consulting a $6072
Identify appropriate zones for deemed photovoltaic systems, calculate the estimated output of PV systems in each zone of systems up to 10kw capacity, identify the post codes in each zone, ensure islands, towns and cities all fall in the same zone.

ORER Total List of Consultancies Less than $10 000 for 2001-2002 $36 483 (GST Inclusive)