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Nardoo plants and River Red Gums
Nardoo plants and River Red Gums, Yanga National Park, New South Wales
Egret chicks
Egret chicks, Macquarie Marshes, New South Wales
Wilgara Wetland
Wilgara Wetland, Macquarie Marshes, New South Wales
Peron's tree frog
Peron's tree frog
Gwydir Wetlands following environmental watering
Gwydir Wetlands following environmental watering, New South Wales
Inundation of riparian vegetation in the Edward-Wakool river system
Inundation of riparian vegetation in the Edward-Wakool river system, New South Wales
Chalka Creek prior to watering
Chalka Creek prior to watering, Hattah Lakes Victoria
Chalka Creek following watering
Chalka Creek following watering, Hattah Lakes Victoria

Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder

The Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder, part of the Department of the Environment, is responsible for government policies and programs that seek to protect and restore environmental assets – rivers, floodplains and wetlands – that contain a wide diversity of life and provide  habitat for native animals and plants.

The Water Holder is supported by the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office  in managing the Commonwealth’s environmental water portfolio, the administration of Ramsar Wetlands, research projects that inform approaches to aquatic ecosystems and environmental watering policy, and major projects to improve the water quality and ecological health of iconic wetland assets in the Murray Darling Basin.


These documents are now available. The Commonwealth Environmental Water Office welcomes information from the community on how environmental water can best be managed including further suggestions on the water use options.
One of Australia’s internationally important wetlands will receive a boost with environmental water being made available to improve the health of the Hattah Lakes Ramsar site.
40,000 megalitres of water has been allocated in the lower Murrumbidgee, New South Wales, to help protect the area’s wetlands.
Water holdings

Water holdings

Commonwealth environmental water holding figures.

Availability and use

Availability & use

Figures for water availability and water use.

Latest video - lower Lachlan River

Latest video

This gallery of videos showcases the diverse nature of environmental watering.