Department of the Environment - organisational change

The Department of the Environment today announced that it will streamline its structure in July 2014 and that it will open a new voluntary redundancy round for 250 staff.

The Department will move to a three Group structure, comprising an Environment Protection Group, a Climate Change and Water Group, and an Office of Environmental Science and Economics which will provide support functions in corporate services, policy analysis, evaluation, implementation and risk management to line areas, as well as house the Australian Antarctic Division.The restructure is aligned to the Government’s priorities for environment policy and administration, and will enable the Department to meet its responsibilities within budget.

The Department’s operating budget declines by around a quarter over the forward estimates and a further reduction of 250 staff during 2014 is required for the Department to continue to operate within its budget profile.

These changes were announced by the Secretary of the Department, Dr Gordon de Brouwer, at an All Staff Meeting today, as part of the Department’s response to an internal strategic review of the Department’s structural, governance and organisational arrangements.